Friday, March 20, 2015

Northdale Fire

Updated at 10:42 AM on Saturday, March 21
  • Command of this fire has been turned over to the Black Hawk Volunteer Fire Department

Updated at 6:33 PM on Friday, March 20
  • Located in Black Hawk in Meade County
  • Two outbuildings/sheds have been destroyed by this fire
  • Several power poles and other utility infrastructure were also damaged
  • There were several cases of citizens with smoke inhalation and one with minor 1st degree burns
    • Rapid City Fire Department medical staff set up handled the medical issues
  • No evacuations were ordered for this fire, however Northdale Drive was closed to any which kept residents from getting to their homes
  • This fire is now at 5.7 acres
  • Cause of the fire remains under investigation

There are currently two separate fires to report that are an estimated 1.5 miles apart off of Interstate 90 - Please see the separate Exit 55 blog post.

Updated at 4:40 PM on Friday, March 20
  • Located along Interstate 90 from mile marker 52 to mile marker 54
  • Estimated size is 8 acres
  • Local, state, and federal resources have responded
  • Cause is under investigation 
  • Reported that no homes are on fire 
    • Two outbuildings have burned
  • No evacuations at this time 
  • At this time Nortdale Road is currently closed  
    • If residents of the Northdale Subdivision aren't already at their residence, they will not be allowed access due to high traffic and the challenges this is presenting firefighters.  
  • The Incident Commander anticipates Northdale Road be reopened at the estimated time of 5:00 PM
Initial size up information is currently being collected on this incident.  Updated information will be posted as received.