Tuesday, March 10, 2015

North Pole Fire

Incident #1  -- Named the North Pole Fire
(Initial update provided at 4:28 PM on March 10, 2015)
  • The North Pole Fire is located in the area of Highway 16 and Renegade Road west of Custer
  • Local, state, and federal resources are responding
  • Estimated size is 5 acres
  • There is the possibility of structures threatened 

Dispatch is collecting initial size up information.  Updated information will be posted as received.

5:08 PM Update
  • US Forest Service, South Dakota Wildland Fire, and local VFD engines are en route.  USFS Dozer is en route. The South Dakota Wildland Fire Division Black Hat and Bear Mountain Hand Crews are en route.  SD DOC crews are in process of mobilization as well.
  • A fire investigator has been ordered and is en route
  • Jurisdiction remains unknown
5:43 PM Update
  • North Pole Road has been CLOSED from Highway 16 to Renegade Road
  • Firefighters will continue to work the incident tonight and throughout tomorrow until the incident is contained
8:31 PM Update
  • Estimated size is now at 60 acres
  • Firefighters and Great Plains Dispatch will continue to staff this incident tonight and tomorrow (personnel will continue to evaluate and provide for the incident needs)
  • Resources are being planned and ordered for the next operational period tomorrow
  • No ownership has been determined at this time although the fire has burned both private property and US Forest Service land
  • This fire is burning in Fuel Type 2 (Herbaceous fuels) and Fuel Type 8 (slower burning heavy fuels)
  • An Incident Command Post has been established in Custer on this Type 3 incident

March 11, 2015

5:30 AM Update
  • Size is 59.3 acres
  • Multiple agency engines along with state hand crews monitored the fire overnight
  • No known significant changes to report from the overnight shift
  • No injuries to report at this time
  • Firefighters were ordered for the next operational period; They will receive a briefing later this morning and will continue fire suppression efforts
8:30 AM Update
  • Daytime Operational resources are now assigned, the night shift has been released
  • The fire held well last evening on the road system, dozer line, and hand line
  • State and federal resources along with the Custer Volunteer Fire Department water tender are the current resources assigned
  • No percentage containment at this time
  • Smoke is a concern in the area.  Motorists are encouraged to reduce speed but NOT stop along the highway and impede traffic.  
  • State and federal fire investigators continue to work on determining cause
10:00 AM Update
12 Noon Update
4:15 PM Update

March 12, 2015

9:30 AM Update
6:00 PM Update
  • The North Pole fire is 100% contained. This will be the last North Pole fire update unless something significant occurs.

March 16, 2015

3:oo PM Update
  • The North Pole fire is 100% controlled.