Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Turkey Ridge Fire

Incident #1 - Named the Turkey Ridge Fire
(Updated at 4:08 PM on March 11)
  • A fire has been reported in the Hermosa area
  • State and local resources are currently responding to the scene
Dispatch is collecting initial size up information.  Updated information will be posted as received.

4:47 PM Update
  • State and local resources arrived on scene
  • Size is estimated at 3-6 acres
5:06 PM Update
  • Fire location is in the Ghost Canyon area off of Turkey Ridge Road
  • Size has been determined to be 5 acres
  • There is currently active fire burning with some smoldering
  • This fire is burning in grass and timber
  • A Fire Investigator is on scene to determine cause
  • Structures threatened on this incident
Turkey Ridge Fire

9:06 PM Update
  • Size has been determined to be 7.25 acres
  • There is no containment percentage at this time
  • Forward progression of the fire has been stopped
  • Mop up efforts will continue throughout this Operational Period
  • A wind event is expected from roughly 9:00 PM to Midnight
  • Overnight incident staffing will depend on the expected wind event
Photo of the Turkey Ridge Fire taken earlier this evening.  

 March 12, 2015

8:10 AM Update 
  • Firefighters were released at 1:00 AM last night
  • Although wind gusts were up to 20 MPH, firefighters were still able to hold the fireline
  • State resources including engines and hand crews are staffing the fire today
  • Firefighters will continue to mop up
  • This fire is now contained
3:16 PM Update
  • The Turkey Ridge Fire was called controlled at 11:48 AM today
  • All resources are currently off of this fire