Thursday, March 8, 2018

Chimney Canyon Fire - Update 3/9/18

Chimney Canyon Fire  - Update 3/9/18  5:25 pm

100% Contained

Crews made good progress today mopping up.  The fire will remain in contained status and monitored the next few days.

Additionally, the Crooked Canyon Fire and Victoria Road #1 Fire have been called out.

The Chimney Canyon fire is now 14.18 acres and continues to burn within the 2005 Ricco Fire burn scar.  Resources have secured the edges and will remain on scene throughout the night.   A temperature inversion is expected to move into the area tonight resulting in very smoky conditions across the I-90 Corridor from Sturgis to Blackhawk.   Snags will continue to burn and flames may be visible.  Again, resources are on scene and the fire is being monitored.

*Temperature Inversion - occurs when cold air close to the ground is trapped by a layer of warmer air.  This causes smoke to become trapped close to the ground instead of rising into the atmosphere and dispersing.

Update 3:25 pm
Resources are making good progress despite the amount of dead and down fuels from fires in the past.   The fire is burning in the 2005 Ricco Fire burn scar and is estimated at 5-7 acres.   Having started on private land, it has now progressed onto U.S. Forest Service.  The cause is currently under investigation.  

Location: Northwest of Piedmont
Report Time:  12:43 pm
Size: 14.18 acres
Cause: under investigation (no controlled burns were being conducted in the area today)
Federal, State, and Local resources on scene