Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 6th, 2015

Mahto Fire
  • Reported:  14:24 pm
  • Location: North Side of Bear Butte
  • Size:  37 acres
  • State & Local resources on scene
  • Cause: Human

Y4 Fire
  • Reported:  9:13 am
  • Location: Pass Creek Road, Custer County
  • Size:  1/10 acre
  • Cause: Human - Illegal Campfire
  • Out

Long Draw Prescribed Burn

Originally ignited November 1st.  
Located approximately 5 miles south west of Hill City, SD near Newton Fork Road, south of Reno Gulch road, Odakota Mountain and west of the Medicine Mountain Boy Scout Camp.

Smoke was visible today as pockets of unburned fuels in the interior continue to burn. Crews remain on scene monitoring the fire.

The goal of the Long Draw Prescribed Fire is to establish and maintain a mosaic of vegetation conditions over the project area. This project will lessen the severity and extent of future wildfires in the project area by breaking up the continuity of dead, downed fuels, ultimately reducing fuel loads. Fire will also be utilized as a tool to thin pine regeneration and increase canopy base heights. Additionally, the burn will stimulate browse for big game species.

Work Center Prescribed Burn
  • About one mile southwest of the City of Spearfish, South Dakota, off of Forest Service road 134, (Tinton Road). Smoke will be visible from the City of Spearfish and Interstate 90. 
  • Planned ignition November 7th if burning conditions are within prescription.