Saturday, February 7, 2015

Aero Road Wildfire

The Aero Road Fire located near Rockerville in the area of Neck Yoke Road and Aero Road was called controlled on Monday afternoon and reached a size of 16.02 acres.  The update in acreage is due to more accurate mapping abilities, not additional fire growth. 

Fire investigators have determined the cause to be discarded stove/fireplace ashes. One single family residential structure sustained serious fire damage to the exterior and interior portions of the house from the wildfire. 

There were no reported injuries and no evacuations have occurred. 

This fire is currently in patrol status and firefighters will continue to monitor for smoke. Residents may expect to see smoke in the area for the next several days. Residents and visitors are urged to refrain from taking any action in extinguishing small smoke plumes. You should notify local authorities with any concerns.